Shutting Down

circa 1907, Montana State Historical Society

By 1907, the boiler stacks had been removed, but most of the buildings were still standing.  Other usable equipment was transported to Helena and Butte shortly after abandonment.

In about 1914, the Great Falls Meat Company moved a number of the frame buildings to its packing plant south of the property.  The packing plant moved from this area several years ago.

By the late 1920s, the property had become an eyesore.  American Smelting had continued to maintain ownership, evidently to use as collateral for loans. 


In August 1928 workman prepare to down the stack by drilling holes for the explosives in its base.

Workers pose on the rubble after the blast that brought the stack to the ground.


Ownership of the property after the buildings were burned or demolished in 1928:

1936 - Cascade County - (American Smelting did not pay their 1930 taxes)

From 1944 to the 1970s-Private parties 
Late 1970s - State of Montana


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